Wednesday, 9 November 2011

My First Big Idea

Hello fellow bloggers!

I write today after having created an idea which I think has the potential to be a great success! However, this film will be very hard to make with the equipment I have at my disposal at this moment in time. It will therefore be an idea I will keep throughout the development of my career as a film director and will be made when I will hopefully become successful enough to be able to direct a multi-million dollar feature film. I have high hopes for this film; it is an original idea that hasn't been done before, combining popular genres of action, adventure and comedy, all mingled into what, in my opinion, I believe to be a recipe for success. I may be getting way too ahead of myself, as I am just starting out. However, it's good to think big!

For now, I won't release any details of the film until much later, just in case anyone out there decides to go with this idea and make it into a film before I get the chance to! I have a pitch, a plot outline and 2000 words of notes about the film, which I won't disclose on here or anywhere on the internet. All I will say however, is that it relates to my interests and travel experiences, combined into one story. The only other thing I will say about it is the genre, which I mentioned above as being a combination of action, adventure and comedy. For now, I'll leave you to guess the rest!

So with that short post, I'll leave you with these awesome words of advice...

Dream big, because you never know where life will take you!

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