Friday, 6 January 2012

2012 - The Start of my Life...well career at least!

Hello fellow bloggers! Firstly let me just start by saying that I hope everyone's had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year 2012! Now 2012 will be a very special and important year for me, as it is in this year that my career will be fully launched, as for me, it'll be one small step for man, one giant leap into Hollywood!

Firstly, I will be finishing my degree and my time at university. I will also produce small videos, show reels and even short films while still at university. I also hope to be working with my Dad's friends who are hoping to become professional actors and who are hoping to make it big.

Along with this and in the very first part of this year, in early January, I will be attending the premiere of "War Horse", with the aim of meeting a person who I can only describe as a living legend. What a better way to start the year than by meeting simply the most famous movie director in the history of cinema itself! The one and only Steven Spielberg! Everyone's heard of him and most probably are able to name at least 3 of his films; namely Jaws, Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park, which I would think would be the first films which come to mind when the name Spielberg is mentioned.

Along with that and still in January, I will also be going on a 2-day intensive film school course to, for the first time in my life, get a full hands-on experience of filmmaking, including the chance to direct professional actors as part of the production of a short film. This will take place at Ealing Studios. And as I have already said earlier, I am aiming to become a film director and as yet, I haven't even made a proper film before! Well in this year, I will be taking the first steps into the industry as I will be making my first film ever, and what a better way to start off making my first proper film than at a proper film studio, with professional actors, a talented crew and awesome equipment, such as Final Cut Pro, the industry standard editing software. I am thoroughly looking forward to this!

Along with this, I have also mentioned earlier that I have also never been to Hollywood! Well, in this year I will experience the magic of Hollywood for the first time in my life, as I venture to Los Angeles, California, on holiday this summer. A taster, no doubt, of what is to come!

This is all very inspiring and exciting stuff! I often think to myself, why on earth am I choosing to do this? Why on earth am I going for the most competitive and challenging job on the planet? And then I think, quite simply, why not? Take a chance, risk it, be daring, because with perseverance, commitment, dedication and a little bit of luck, in the words of Gareth Edwards, the first movie director I ever met, "It'll happen!" Those were his words of advice to me and I keep reminding myself of them day to day. So as you welcome in 2012, just stop and take a moment to think that you have the power and opportunity to do whatever you can possibly dream of doing. You just have to set your heart and mind to accomplishing it. This is my philosophy in life. I shall leave you with that.