Thursday, 24 November 2011

My Brand New YouTube Channel

Hello fellow bloggers! This is an update to say that I have created a brand new YouTube channel!!!

Simple called, "Fraser Films", I have specifically designed it to showcase my short films and showreels on. I feel that I can potentially go very far with it! I have been thinking for a while now, since deciding to become a film director, that one good thing to do would be to create an independant film production company, with a group of friends, all of whom are like minded individuals who are hoping to also break into the film industry. I have also had this name in mind for a while. Short, sweet and to the point (excuse the pun...I'll be making "short" films...yep...ha ha). Anyway, this is just a quick post to say that I have created my all new YouTube channel. I haven't uploaded any videos to it yet, but that will soon change, from early December, as I have been given the opportunity to film my University's Christian Union nativity play. This will most likely be the first video premiered on my new channel!

So that's all for now folks! I will keep updating my blog when I'm home during Christmas, as I hope to be visiting a wide range of film studios in the UK, mainly to gather data for my dissertation. I'll also take the opportunity while I'm at these studios to have a look around and maybe get to talk to a few people in the business! Namely, directors, producers, even actors! So that's it for now!

I'll leave you with life and live it to the fullest! Also love the one's around you, your family, your friends...and during this festive season, remember this...your family are the most important thing in the world, the best gift you've been given. Far better than the latest iPhone 4S, PS3 game or film. All I want for Christmas is my awesome family and friends around me. I hope you do too.

(Instead of ambitious, inspirational advice, which I normally give, I personally believe, above all else, family and the people around you are your number one priority in life. Your career goals, aspirations and dreams come second. There we go people!) God bless.

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