Thursday, 1 September 2011

My First Experience of the Film Industry!

Hello fellow bloggers! Today I have taken my first step into the glamorous world of filmmaking by visiting the world famous "Pinewood Studios". On first impressions...amazingly awesome! I went there today to gather primary research for my dissertation, in which I am taking my two main interests of geography and film and combining them for my third year geography dissertation. I was greeted at reception by a warm welcoming lady, who gave me an "Access All Areas" pass, to which I was very greatful I had, as it allowed me into places any ordinary member of the public cannot get into. I guess, however, I am actually an ordinary member of the public, but as I arranged two meetings with 2 film companies at Pinewood, I was allowed to "take one small step" into the industry.

Anyway, my first meeting got off to a flying start as I interviewed Jim Groom from Ivory Tower Entertainment, a film director...a very friendly and welcoming film director at that! He gave me lots of advice of how to start off in the industry; the general trend I found is through work experience and becoming a runner. That is considered to be the benchmark, entry level job into the business. After all, most famous film directors all had to start the bottom...and worked their way up, which is what I hope to do. There is of course going to film school, which is always another option.

So after my meeting with Jim, I had a walk around the studios and managed to get a glimpse of some of the sets. It was during this period of time between interviews that I actually accidentally wandered onto the film set of "Dark Shadows"; what a very happy "accidental stumble" it prooved to be! I was magically transported to Main Street, USA! I have to say seeing my very first real set really made me think to myself that this is really what I want to do! I've been to Universal Studios theme park in Florida before, but this was the real McCoy! I think it's appropriate for me to apologise to anyone on the production team of "Dark Shadows" if I wasn't meant to be on set, but it was truly awesome!

So, after that nice surprise, my second interview also went very well. It was with Robbie Moffat of Palm Tree Entertainment, also a film director. He was also a very nice guy to chat to, giving me advice on the first steps I should take and also gave me a whole loada DVD's of productions by Palm Tree Entertainment! So Robbie, if you're reading this, thank you very much! Thanks also to Jim for the meeting!

After that, it was with great happiness that I then left Pinewood Studios after a spot of lunch and returned home. A great day had by many, especially moi. Here's to winning the pub quiz tonight, let's hope it's film themed!

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