Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hello fellow bloggers! I will firstly start off by saying that I know I haven't updated by blog recently. I therefore hope to no longer have any long gaps such as this one from now on and will try to keep you updated with new developments that come about.

Ok, so since my last blog post, there have been a good few things which have happened in my life. I have been to another film studio, this time Elstree Film Studios, to go on a course entitled "An Introduction to the Film and TV Industry", which proved to be very much of an eye opener and has led me to, along with various other events, decide that I really will be going for my ultimate goal in life. I won't stop until I get there; there ain't no prizes for second best! The course was taught by Phil O'Shea, a film director, who has directed many films to date, including Vampire Diary and Spirit Trap.

Along with my day to Elstree Film Studios, I have also taken a leap into the world of YouTube...for the second time. I mentioned in my first post that I have a newly created YouTube channel with my friend Alex. For our first video, we chose to somewhat copy an idea from my friend's idol, Danny Wallace; every Friday he goes out to try to get as many "high fives" as he can in one minute. We tried to beat his record...I'll let you see for yourself how successful we were!

So along with trips to film studios and uploading a new YouTube video, I have also been given a very big opportunity which could potentially become a turning point in my overall career goal of becoming a film director. My Dad has a couple of friends at work who are looking to become professional actors. They have done a few plays together and are looking to get themselves more known in the filming industry. I will also take this opportunity to say that they are engaged, so I wish them the best of luck with the start of their lives together! Back to the main point, however, which is that they both want to act. I, of course, have grasped this opportunity with both hands and believe I can help them. They would like to do a show real with me, including making a short film together, whereby I would direct the film, along with being the cameraman, editor, producer and basically everything behind the camera. However, as this will be my first proper experience of making a film, along with the fact that they are both fully trained actors, I will take a step back and let them guide the overall process of creating the film, thus leading to me gaining much wanted experience and have something to show for it at the end! As my Dad has said to me, it's a win-win situation; they are getting themselves known as actors and I am getting myself known as a director. I am very excited to be getting this opportunity and will update you in a later post to let you know how it's going!

So there we go. As you can see, I have now reached a point in developing my career whereby I have moved on from merely thinking of becoming a film director, through to thinking practically of how I can achieve this, through to finally making some physical progress and gaining contacts and making short videos!! So I leave you with this thought in can do whatever one wishes to do in life...all you need is ambition, commitment and the desire to achieve!

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