Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My First Production for Fraser Films!

Hello fellow bloggers! Here is an update to say that I have filmed and produced my first video for my new YouTube channel and soon to be professional film production company, Fraser Films! I have filmed, for my university's Christian Union, their production of "The Nativity" and have uploaded it as the premiere video for my channel! The video is called "The Nativity by the Pond" and was filmed on 2nd December 2011. So far, it has gained over 250 views and will hopefully gain many more! I would like to take this opportunity to say that it was great to work with my CU to produce this short film. I would also like to state that although not intended to be part of my showreel or a fully planned out short film, this production was purely intended to be a memento of the evening, to give others the opportunity to see the Nativity, who weren't able to attend. I will hopefully be making many more productions for the CU during the short but precious time I have left, here at university. I will finish university in May 2012...to pursue and to chase my dream.

I would also like to say here that I have also successfully produced another short film, between now and the last post below. I have made a short film documenting my experience of the last space shuttle launch, "STS-135 Atlantis: The Grand Finale". Like the above production, this is also intended to purely be a memento for me and my family of the day when we witnessed history in the making. However, I could also consider it something which could be seen as a short film. That's for the audience to decide! I am debating whether to upload it to FraserFilms135, as I have used three songs to which I do not own the copyright. If I am to upload it, I would have to clearly state that I do not own the copyright to the songs used in this short film. However, ignorance of the law is no excuse and I fully understand that. I also understand that on a day-to-day basis, people all over the world upload music videos of songs they do not own. So to sum up, you might see this video on YouTube...you might not. I hope to get permission from the copyright owners to upload it, so that I can show more people my shuttle launch production, other than just family and friends!

So I'll leave you with this...anything is possible...when you believe. Subtly quoting SeaWorld Orlando? Or something far greater? (again another SeaWorld quote!) I'll leave you to figure out the rest. God speed. Whoops, just given away the answer!

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